Naknak Commands

🎓Command🎓 🎓Aliases🎓 🔧Usage🔧 👶🏻Description👶🏻 ⚒Permission Level⚙ 🙂Type😦
botinfo bi none get information about the bot none work
channelinfo ci /channelinfo <#channel> get information about specific channel none work
credits none none send you the credits message none work
emoji-info emoji /emoji-info <emoji> get information about specific emoji none work
invite none none get link to invite the bot none work
invites none /invites <@user> check the invites of the user none work
leaderboard top /leaderboard <type> check the top of thing none work
links none none get the list links of the bot none work
membercount mc, members none check the members count on the server none work
perms permissions /perms <@user> check the perms of the user none work
ping none none check the bot ping none work
playing none /playing <game name> check how many users palying in this game none work
role-info ri /role-info <@role> get information about specific role none work
search search-user /search <type> <search> search user by the arg you type none work
serverinfo si none get information about the currect server none work
server none none send you link to my hebrew server none work
stats none none check the bot statistics none work
time none /time <format> <time> check how much times have in the currect format like how much seconds have on 5 minutes none work
uptime ut none check the uptime of the bot none work
userinfo ui /userinfo <@user> get information about user none work
vote הצבעה none vote for the bot none work
votes none /votes <@user> check the voted count none work
web none none send link to bot website and dashboard none work
afk none /afk [reason] set you on afk, for turn off just send a message none work
ascii none /ascii <text> make text on ascii message none work
dick none /dick [@user] check the size of your dick! none work
emojify none /emojify <text> send text by emojis none work
emojisend none /emojisend <emoji> Print a big pixeled emoji made of small emojis :3 none work
fake fakemsg /fake <@user> <text> send fake message from the user you mention by webhook none work
fancy none /fancy <text> make text to be fancy text none work
howgay how-gay /howgay <@user> check the percentage of user how much gay he is none work
joke j none generate new joke none work
calculator math, calc /calculator <math problem> solve math problems none work
mini none /mini <text> make text to be mini none work
random none /random <min number> <max number> generate random number between the minumum number and maximum number you write none work
randomcolor none none get random color with his code none work
server-channels none none check the list channels of the server none work
server-emojis none none check the list emojis of the server none work
server-roles none none check the list roles of the server none work
server-users none none check the list users of the server none work
ship none /ship <@user> <@user> combain two names to one name none work
translate trnslt, trns /translate <language> <language> <text> translate text from first language to second language none work
youtube yt /youtube <video name> get information about specific youtube video none work
tic-tac-toe ttt none check the list server of the bot none work
fortnite fortnite-stats /fortnite <pc> <username> fortnite statiscs none maintenance
hypixel-bedwars hp-bedwars, bedwars, bw /hypixel-bedwars <minecraft username> check information about bedwars stats on hypixel none maintenance
mc-user none /mc-user <username> . none work
mcstatus mc-server, mc-status /mcstatus <minecraft server ip> get information about minecraft server ip status none work
mc-achieve mineach, mineachievement, ach, minecraftach, achieve, minecraftachievement /mc-achieve <number> <achievement> send minecraft achievement with custom message none work
halloween none /halloween <@user> halloween with someone none work
avatar none /avatar <@user> send someone avatar none work
be-a-panda none /be-a-panda <@user> put someone pciture on panda head none work
cat none none Post a random image of a cat none work
dog none none Post a random image of a dog none work
duck none none Post a random image of a duck none work
duel none /duel <@user> duel with someone none work
fox none none Post a random image of a fox none work
gay none /gay <@user> make someone gay none work
jail none /jail <@user> jailed someone none work
panda none none Post a random image of a panda none work
rejected none /rejected <@user> reject someone on picture none work
ride none /ride <@user> ride on someone none work
rip none /rip <@user> kill someone none work
slap none /slap <@user> slap on someone none work
tiger none none Post a random image of a tiger none work
wanted none /wanted <@user> put someone picture on wanted picture none work
add-user none /add-user <@user> add user to ticket none work
close none none close a ticket none work
new open /new [subject] open new ticket with subject optional none work
remove-user none /remove-user <@user> remove user from ticket none work
now-play np none check which song playing right now none work
pause none none pause the music none work
play none /play <song name or song url> play a new song none work
queue none none check the song queue of the server none work
resume none none resume the paused music none work
skip none none skip the currect music none work
stop none none stop the music is playing right now none work
volume none /volume <number%> change the volume of the music none work
add-money add-bal /add-money <@user> <amount> add some money to user admin work
daily none none get the daily reward none work
money bal, balance /money [@user] check how much money he or you have none work
pay none /pay <@user> <amount> pay to someone some money none work
remove-money remove-bal /remove-money <@user> <amount> remove some money from user admin work
reset-money reset-bal /reset-money <@user> reset someone money admin work
work none none work to gain money none work
clear none /clear <amount> clear some messages min: 1; max: 100 helper work
edit none /edit <message id> <new message> edit message that the bot sent helper work
embed eb /embed <text> send embed message from the bot helper work
giveaway none /giveaway <time> <winners count> <prize> make giveaway with some winners and custom prize admin work
mute none /mute <@user> <time> <reason> mute a user with reason and time mod work
setnick setnickname, nickname, nick /change user nickname setnick <@user> <new nickname> mod work
poll none /poll <question> make poll question admin work
react reaction /react <emoji> <@role> [custom message] create reaction role (dont work very good) admin work
react-to-vote none /react-to-vote [custom message] create reaction vote for easy vote to the bot on your server admin work
say none /say <message> say something from the bot helper work
unmute none /unmute <@user> unmute user mod work
warn none /warn <@user> <reason> warn user with reason helper work
config c, dashboard, dash none send link to the dashboard admin work
docs d.js, discord.js none send the docs of what you write none work
help h /help [command name] get the list commands, or information about command none work
bug none /bug <bug you found> report on bug you found none work
sug idea /sug <your suggest> send suggestion for the bot none work